Thank You NETHP

It took me a bit to find the words to begin to describe my evening with Networking for Hindu Professionals or moniker "NETHP" as they are more commonly known by. I was absolutely delighted and intrigued when I was invited by the lovely Fareida Rajkumar, the organizations Founder. From the moment my team and I walked into the door we were treated as honored Guests and made to feel welcome and at home. NETHP's monthly meeting was held in The Palace Indian Restaurant that not only graciously provided an array of delectable Indian dishes, but a warm, hospitable atmosphere by the Owner and his Staff. I was honored to have been featured as the Guest Speaker for the Club and the ample time I was allotted to introduce myself, my platform, and the things I believe I can do to better serve my Constituents. It was an amazing evening of Speakers and personalities that provided my Team and I an incredible opportunity to be introduced into this unique and distinctive group that is dedicated to promoting, educating, and breaking stereotypes of Hinduism. I am very much looking forward to working with NETHP and its Members in the future and look forward to what we can accomplish, together.

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