Can we count on your support to help flip a blue seat red?

Never before has the time been so right for Floridians in our beautiful State to step up and make bold moves to ensure your rights and liberties are protected into the future…your Children’s future!


Strong-willed, outspoken, and possessing uncompromising values, Jenna Hague embodies the very essence of the Conservative voice here in Florida! Hailing from the once entrenched, Liberal Broward County, Jenna Hague stands tough like a beacon of freedom against the Leftist agenda to impede on your rights and crush your freedoms!


NOW IS THE TIME!!! Join the fight and take a stand by supporting Jenna Hague as she blazes a trail all the way to the House of Representative where, when elected, she will take on the toughest issues in Tallahassee and around Florida…FOR YOU!


Let Jenna Hague and patriotic Americans throughout Florida know that she has YOUR support in her fight to KEEP FLORIDA RED!!!